Grief activism

Grief activism or cemetery activism attempts to render visibility to the anonymous dead and make visible fatality of borders. “Grief-activism constitutes a transformative political practice that can foster relationalities and communities in opposition to a politics of division, abandonment and necropolitical violence on which EUrope’s border regime thrives. By enacting different communal possibilities, such activism questions, interrupts and displaces sovereign citizenship as a foundational and identitarian arrangement of community and engenders alternative imaginaries of ways of being-with one another. Formulating a politics around death in migration struggles poses a series of important questions relating to solidarity, identification and, ultimately, ethics. While grief-activism must necessarily entail a horizon of failure and moments in which solidarity does not materialise and identification breaks down, it is the risking of oneself in complex encounters that, rather than pre-emptively formulating what community constitutes, pose community as a question continuously anew” (Stierl 2016: 174).

Commemoration of the third obituary of death of Madina Hussiny, Zagreb, 21 November 2020


Stierl, Maurice. 2016. „Contestations in death. The role of Grief in Migration Struggles“. Citizenship Studies 20/2: 173-191.