Digital memory objects

Digital memory objects or digital shrines have the function of archiving, documenting, sharing, mourning and grieving. They rematerialize and initiate commemorative practices and have the ability to create and maintain social, human relationships, bring people together, etc. „In contexts in which refugees are on the move and families are dispersed over different continents, digitalized photographs are memorial objects that can be distributed transnationally. Survivors can access relevant photographs from online news sites or through their own online archives on social media. The things they had carried with them were lost along the way or at the moment of the disaster, but digital archives allow them access from anywhere to material that can be appropriated and repurposed for memorialization.“ (Horsti 2019: 678).  Digital memory objects can have different formats, from online memorials to photographs, gifs etc.

Memorial from Transbalkan Solidarity Memorial page


Horsti, Karina. 2019. „Digital Materialities in the Diasporic Mourning of Migrant Death“. European Journal of Communication 34/6: 671-681.


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