Matters of care

Matters of care is a concept introduced by Amade M’charek and Julia Black (2020).  M’charek and Black argue that caring for bodies of people who died in migration “with dignity and respect – through counting, listing and mapping the dead as well as through attempts at identifying the individual bodies – produces proximity with the dead and accountability for deadly border management regimes“ (M’charek and Black 2020: 86).

NN grave in Skakavac, Croatia, July 2020. Photo by Selma Banich.


M’charek, Amade and Julia Black. 2020. “Engaging Bodies as Matters of care Counting and Accounting for Death During Migration”. In Border Deaths. Causes, Dynamics and Consequences of Migration-related Mortality. Paolo Cuttitta and Tamara Last, eds. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 85-102.