Normalization of border deaths

Normalization of border deaths is the mirror process of a-normalization, exceptionalization of migration. “Even when border deaths appear (or are presented) as ‘natural or ‘accidental’, they are in fact the result of the structural violence of migration policies” (Cuttitta 2020: 11). Paolo Cuttitta (2020: 12) highlights that presenting border deaths as accidental, or as a result of nature, criminal activities, or of the irresponsible action of migrants, means diverting the attention from these deaths’ roots in migration and border policies.


Cuttitta, Paolo. 2020. „Preface: The increasing Focus on border deaths“. In Border Deaths. Causes, Dynamics and Consequences of Migration-related Mortality. Paolo Cuttitta and Tamara Last, eds. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 9-20.