Put lubenica [Melon Route]

Put lubenica or Melon Route is  Croatian movie from 2006 based on the tragical death of twelve  migrants from China  who drowned at the beginning of 2000s in their attempt to clandestinely cross the river Sava on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.  Synopsis: For the local mafia, Mirko transports people over the river Sava, in the Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian border, to the West. His overloaded boat capsizes, and the smuggled Chinese people in it drown. Only a young Chinese woman survives, and Mirko decides to hide her. Under her influence, Mirko experiences a change in life. But the Chinese woman is a witness and the mafia kidnaps her with the help of the head of the local police, who is Mirko’s uncle.

Directed by Branko Schmidt. Script by Ognjen Sviličić and Branko Schmidt. Cast: Krešimir Mikić, Sun Mei, Leon Lučev etc.
Film festivals and awards: Pula 2006, Montpellier 2006, Caserta 2007 etc.