Saving lives

Saving lives is another side of Janus like face of contemporary western border control regime relied on both the securitarian and the humanitarian logics. Under the imperative of Saving lives, rescue missions are fostered as necessity without asking why people at first place need to be saved to step on the European soil. Saving of lives is not taking place in the context from which migrant escape initially, but in the context that is supposed to be nonviolent. The repercussion of the violent border control regime is the production of danger, as well as saving from that danger. In this framework migrants lives are transformed into lives that can be lived if they are saved. Furthermore, as Martina Tazzioli (2015) points out, saving in that context does not mean that someone is saved from all difficulties. On the contrary, migrants saved on the sea may be saved their lives, but it is likely that they will continue to live in difficult condition (in Europe or else, if they will be deported).


Tazzioli, Martina. 2015. „The Politics of Counting and the Scene of Rescue. Border deaths in the Mediterranean“. Radical Philosophy 192