Zenobia is an award-winning graphic novel by Danish writer Morten Dürr and illustrator Lars Horneman published in 2016 and translated in many languages, including Croatian (2018). The graphic novel is about Syrian girl Amina drowning in her attempt to reach Europe in the overcrowded small boat which capsizes. While drowning Amina recollects her life as well as the life of courageous Syrian queen Zenobia whose reign reached from Egypt to Turkey. When Amina was reluctant and scared, her mother used to remind her to think of Zenobia and be strong. Amina, who escaped the war in Syria, died at gates of Europe guarded by border control apparatus consisted of the visa system, as well as border patrols, externalised and external border control mechanisms, ignoring of asylum seekers etc.


Zenobia graphic novel by Morten Durr and Lars Hornemans



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